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Судовая химия. Аналоги. Drew Marine. Unitor.

Drew Marine Unitor Nalfleet Uniservice Marichem
ADJUNCT B Hardness Control Co-Phos II Hardness Control Phosphate
AGK100 No direct equivalent. Use Liquitreat plus Condensate Control. No direct equivalent. BWT One Shot BWT New Formula
Combitreat (powder, needs Condensate Control and oxygen scavenger) Co-Phos III (use with Co-Phos II for coordinated phosphate treatment)
Liquitreat (needs Condensate Control)
AMERZINE Oxygen Control Nalfleet 9-305 Plus Hidrazine Oxy control
CATALYZED SULFITE (Powder) Cat Sulphite CSL (Liquid) Catalysed Sulphite (Liquid) Oxigen Control (L or P) No equivalent
DREWPLEXAT Autotreat Multi-Plus 79601 No equivalent No equivalent
DREWPLEX OX Oxygen Scavenger Plus No equivalent No equivalent
DREW BWT-4 No Equivalent Oxytreat 79600 (tannin) OBWT-4 Organic
GC Alkalinity Control Alkaline Treatment 9512 (Liquid) Alkalinity Control Alkalinity Control
LIQUID COAGULANT Boiler Coaqulant BWT Conditioner Liquid Coaqulant Boiler Sludqe Conditioner
SLCC-A Condensate Control Condensate Treatment 9-150/Nalco 1820 Condensate Control Marichem C.C.I.
AMEROYAL Vaptreat Maxi-Vap Liquivap Evaporator Treatment
AMEROYAL CF No equivalent Maxi-Vap Plus Liquivap CF No equivalent
AMERSPERSE280 Bioauard Antifoulant Biosperse Marichem S-Fe
CIL Potable Water Stablizer Potable Water Stablizer Portable Water Stablizer No equivalent
DEWT NC Dieselguard NB (Powder) EWT 9-108 (Liquid) NCLT D.C.W.T. Powder
DREW SPERSES WD Bioquard Sea Water Antifoulant 9-321 Ecosperse Plus, Unisperse No equivalent
FERROFILM No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent
LIQUIDEWT Rocor NB Liquid EWT 9-1 31 C NCLT/AL D.C.W.T. Non Chromate
MAXIGARD Rocor NB Liquid Nalcool 2000 Colorcoolinq D.C.W.T. Non Chromate
AMERGIZE Dieselite Dual Purpose Plus Valvecare, Burnaid, Vansulite Combustion Catalyst Van as ol vent F.O.T.
AMERGY1000 Burn aid FOT Dual Purpose F.O.T. 10
AMERGY222 Fuelcare, Gamabreak, Burnaid Fuel Oil Dispersant, Fuel Stabiliser FOT, Bunkerclean FOT F.O.T.
AMERGY5000 Dual Purpose Plus, Dieselite, Burnaid Maxi-Mize Reqular FOT Catalyst
AMERSTAT 25 Biocontrol Mar 71 Biobor Bio Control FOT No equivalent
DREWCLEAN EST Soot Remover Liquid Soot Remover Economizer Treat Liquid Soot Cleaner
LT-SOOT RELEASE Soot Remover Soot Remover (Liquid) Soot Sticks /Re mover Soot Cleaner (Powder)
SOOT RELEASE Soot Remover Soot Remover (Liquid) Soot Sticks/Remover Soot Cleaner (Powder)
ACC-9 Air Cooler Cleaner ACC Air Cooler Cleaner Air Cooler Cleaner
FERROCLEAN No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent
AMEROID OWS Cleanbreak Clearbreak Cleanbreak Oil & Grease Remover HD999
CARBON REMOVER Carbon Remover Carbon Cleaner Carbon Remover Carbon Remover
DREW ELECTRIC FAST DRY* (NonChlorinated) No equivalent No equivalent Lektro Clean Fast* (Chlorinated) Electroclean Super Fast* (Chlorinated)
DREW FC No equivalent Disc & Filter Clean FilterClean Filter Cleaner
DREWCLEAN EOSD Seacare Ecosperse No equivalent Uniclean OSD Enviro No equivalent
ENVIROMATE 2000 Fore & Aft /Uniwash Detergent Cleaner Marisol, Ecoclean, Multi cleaner General Cleaning and Solvent
HDE-777 Tankleen Heavy Duty Cleaner Coldwash HD Oil & Grease Remover HD999
O&GR Coldwash HD Degreaser Cold Wash /GP Deqreaser Marichem T.T.C.
OSD/LT Seacare OSD Maxi clean 2 Ecodis Oil Spill Emulsifier
AMEROID DC Disclean Disc & Filter Clean LO Seperator Cleaner Purifier Disc Cleaner
AMEROID RSR Metal Brite. Metal Brite HD Metal Briqhtener Rust Remover /Rust Off Rust Remover
DESCALE-IT Descalinq Liquid No equivalent Descalinq Liquid Descaler Liquid 555
SAFACID Descalex Safe Acid Saf Descaler Descaler Powder
DREW ELECTRIC 2000 Electrosolv-E Electrode an Lectro Solvent Drv Electroclean A
DREWCLEAN 2000 Cleanbreak Multi clean Uniclean Break No equivalent
SNC2000 Carbonclean LT Carbon Clean Uniclean Carbon No equivalent
ENVIROCARE VTC 3000 Gamazvme BTC No equivalent Microzvme Liquid No equivalent
ENVIROCARE WTE Gamazyme 700FN Bioaugmentation Culture Microzyme CHT Powder, Biofresh Plus Powder Biological Cleaner
Gamazvme MSC (multi-surface cleaner)
ACC/ME ACC LT No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent
DREWFRESH 2000 Tankleen Plus Heavy Duty Cleaner, Multiclean No equivalent Bilge Cleaner
MUD CONDITIONER Mud & Silt Remover Sea Shield Mud and Silt Dispersant 79801 Mud and Silt Dispersant Mud Conditioner
DREW ABD Alkleen Liquid Tank Alklean Alka clean Alkaclean HD
DREW AF No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent
DREW BC No equivalent No equivalent Buffer Clean 5.5 Buffersol
DREW NBD Alkleen Safety Liquid No equivalent Alkaclean Safety Alcactive Liquid
DREW TC SEA Seaclean Heavy Duty Cleaner Seaclean Tank Cleaner S
EDGE Aquabreak PX Detergent Cleaner Marisol No equivalent
ENVIROCARE 370 No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent
ENVIROCARE 480 No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent
LAC Alkleen Liquid, Aquatuff Alkaline Cleaner Alkaclean Alkaclean HD
TC#4 Tankleen Plus Heavy Duty Cleaner, Degreaser Seaclean Tank Cleaner S
DREWTAN RC No equivalent No equivalent Navalan Rust Converter No equivalent
MAGNAKOTE No equivalent Maxi cote Tankote Maricote Alox
MAGNAKOTE PLUS No equivalent No equivalent Navalan 402 No equivalent
NEVAMELT No equivalent No equivalent Cable Lube Grease No equivalent